What makes the work work: a note about trying things and writing them down.

This post is about two important elements of archival practice: trying things and writing them down

Writing things down is, unsurprisingly, an important part of archival work. The one thing all archives have in common is that no two are alike: archives collect unique materials, and every archive has its own set of collecting, preservation, and access concerns and priorities, which they address from within a broadly uniform theoretical framework. What that means is that, while we use certain tools (both intellectual and technological) and follow certain professional standards and practices, how we enact and apply them varies from place to place. And what that means is that trying things and writing them down is a crucial part of working in an archive, and that’s true whether it’s a community archive preserving the history of a local theater, a university or government archive collecting public records, or a corporate archive maintaining design and manufacturing specifications.

One example of trying things and writing them down as archival practice here at SCUA is how we catalog artifacts. To keep track of these three-dimensional objects (we have a lot of buttons), we use a software called Past Perfect, which was developed for use in museums. It lets us create records for artifacts, attach pictures, track where they are in our storage (or on display in an exhibit, out for preservation, etc), and export inventories– like the searchable PDF catalog on our website. There’s a manual for the software which details how to input information, how to save records, etc– basic software functions– but what it doesn’t, and can’t, tell us is how we want to use the software. Since Past Perfect was designed to support a broad range of institutions, it has a lot more options and features than we even need, and the interface can be pretty overwhelming, which was only part of the problem. The issue we found was that not enough of the artifacts in our collection had records, and the records were inconsistent, mostly because the existing instructions for cataloging artifacts weren’t very thorough and there wasn’t a clear workflow to follow.

How do we decide which fields are important for our artifacts, what kind of language to use in the descriptions, and what the standard cataloging procedure should be? That’s where trying things comes in. In order to develop a SCUA-specific manual for creating artifact records with Past Perfect, we had to take a look at what kind of records had been made before, what kind of artifacts we had, and what we thought was important to capture: most of all, though, we had to try cataloging artifacts. Every time we made a decision– enter the date of creation like this, use this term first to describe this kind of object– we wrote it down. Every time we took an action, we wrote it down. Eventually, we had a list of steps and directions for using Past Perfect to create the kind of records we want to have for the kind of objects SCUA holds. And then the testing began… There’s a manual now, with screenshots, that lays out the process so that anyone can do it and get the expected result.

This came up as a part of a larger project reviewing how we handle artifacts. Examining the artifact catalog, it became obvious that the existing procedures hadn’t been working and we needed a new approach. This is fairly common in an archive: a task becomes a bottleneck, or a procedure hasn’t been kept up to date, and creates a problem that needs to be solved inside the archive’s existing systems. Changing our approach is often a lot easier than acquiring (and training on, and migrating information to) a new tool for doing it. In this case, we already had Past Perfect, and Past Perfect was designed for the job, it just wasn’t being used consistently and to its potential. Fully documenting the workflow, the expected outcome, and our decision-making process in a manual solved the problem (not enough artifacts had records, and the records weren’t consistent) and also created a means to update that manual as needed.

We tried some things, and once we had tried enough things, we wrote them down, and now there’s a resource that anyone in the department, from a student worker to the next University Archivist, can pick up and use– or change, if it needs to be changed.

All this contributes to the life of the archive, both in shaping how materials are handled and made available, and becoming a record of how the people who work here do their work, what they’re passionate about, what they’ve changed and why. It’s the sort of work that supports all the rest of the work we do, not just now but for years to come. Which, given that our job is to preserve, make available, and store materials in the holdings for future generations, is sort of important.

#FashionFriday – April 1848

Welcome to April’s first #FashionFriday post! Today’s illustration takes us back to the fashion of April 1848, as we return to the Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection.

Fashions for April, illustrating a loose fitting coat and 4 dresses all with fitted bodices and full skirts. Top left dress has jewel neckline, 3/4 length, ruffle cuffed sleeves, and net mitts; top center has a jewel neckline, 3/4 oversleeves with wrist length, pleated undersleeves, and brooches pinned to waist; top right has a 'V' neckline with an attached lace capelet with center front bow and ruffle cuffed, 3/4 length sleeves; all top views have lace caps. Left coat dress is simple and fitted with a fold over collar; long, fitted sleeves, and a bonnet. The coat fits loosely over the body and is approximately knee-length with 3/4 sleeves, but the dress has long sleeves; worn with a lace and flower trimmed bonnet. (Published for The New Belle Assemblee: a Magazine for Literature and Fashion)
Image from ISU Digital Collections. Materials from RS 21/7/9 Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection.

Experience fashion history at home with the digitized fashion plates via ISU Digital Collections. Make sure to check out our other posts about this about this collection for more of our favorite illustrations.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was historically a special day at Iowa State. Why, you may ask? Well, St. Patrick is the patron saint of engineers! He earned this honor by “teaching the Irish to build arches of lime mortar instead of dry masonry” (Engineers Ireland).

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Iowa State was held March 17, 1910.  Beginning at 8:30 in the morning, members of the Civil Engineering Society paraded around the campus, wearing tall top hats and pushing their flag bearer in a wheelbarrow.  The group paused for a program of songs and speeches on the steps of Beardshear Hall.  They then proceeded to downtown Ames, where they were addressed by Mayor Parley Sheldon.  In the afternoon, the Civil Engineering juniors played baseball against the seniors—the seniors won, 13-10.  Roller skating and a banquet brought the day to a close.

St. Patrick’s Day parade,
University Photos, Box 1658

Though St. Patrick’s Day began as a day of entertainment, by 1913, it was also serving the function of an open house for the Engineering Division.  Each department had a display.  Outstanding senior engineers were inducted into the Knights of the Order of the Guard of St. Patrick, an engineering honorary.  The inductees were “knighted” with a slide rule, by the “Engineer’s Lady” who had been selected by a student vote at the Engineer’s Campfire during fall semester.  St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated from 1910 until 1921.  The Knighting of the Guard of St. Patrick was incorporated into the VEISHEA ceremonies from 1922 to 1926 and then the ceremony was added to the Engineer’s Campfire festivities. (Previous 2 paragraphs researched and written by Becky Jordan, Reference Specialist.)

St. Patrick and Engineer’s Lady
University Photos, Box 1658

Everyone have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day, especially our friends in engineering!

CoEducation at Iowa State University

Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm, now Iowa State University, was officially established by the Iowa General Assembly on March 22, 1858, but classes were not held until 1869. In 1868 the Board of Trustees began touring the United States and visiting Agricultural Universities and Colleges on observe how they were organized, the course of instruction, and rules and regulations governing them. They also toured a number of institutes that had been coeducational since their inception as they weighed the option in making the new college coeducational. 

Board of Regents Minutes, Volume 1, Page 246 (RS 1/8, Board of Regents Minutes)

Paragraph 2 Transcription

We also visited Antioch College at Yellow Springs, Ohio, one of the best and most successful Colleges in the country, in which girls have been admitted from the time of its organization. The plan has given the most entire satisfaction, and many of the young ladies stand at the head of the regular college classes.

The Board concluded that it would be beneficial to all that women be admitted to the College, pending they meet admissions standards, for the first session, which was slated for March of 1869.  All Board members were also in agreement that they had no grounds not to admit women to the new college, as funding of the college came from state tax-payer monies.

Board of Regents Minutes, Volume 1, Page 248 (RS 1/8, Board of Regents Minutes)

Paragraph 2 Transcription

Again – we hold that we as Trustees have no right to exclude girls from the benefits of our State Agricultural College. The funds for the purchase of the Farm, and the erection of buildings , are derived from the tax-payers of the state and upon what principle of justice can we declare that only those who have sons shall enjoy its benefit. The general government has appropriated a vast tract of the public domain for the endowment and support of these industrial institutes, and what right have we to exclude the girls and young women of our state from any share in its beneficiaries

The two days following the opening of the college, applicants for admission were given exams in local geography, arithmetic, English grammar, and reading and spelling.  Those who proved proficient were enrolled in classes, while those who fell below the required standard but were deemed sufficient with a year of study were entered into the preparatory department. The first semester saw 93 students enrolled as freshmen and 80 in the preparatory department. Of those 173 students 16 women were admitted to the freshmen class, and 21 to the preparatory department. 

Third Biennial Report of the Board of Trustees of the State Agricultural College and Farm (LD 2531 Io9r, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives)

The Iowa State Agricultural College held its first commencement on November 13, 1872. Out of the original 93 students enrolled, only 26 graduated. Two of those were Fannie H. Richards and Mattie A. Locke, the first female graduates of Iowa State University.

Commencement Program 1872 (Office of the Registrar Records, RS 7/9/4/1, Box 1, Folder 1, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives)
Photo of Mattie A. (Locke) Macomber (University Photograph Collection, RS 21/6/A, Box 1547)
Photo of Fannie H. (Richards) Stanley (University Photograph Collection, RS 21/6/A, Box 1547)
Commencement Program 1872 (Office of the Registrar Records, RS 7/9/4/1, Box 1, Folder 1, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives)

#FashionFriday – 1867 Day Dresses

Here’s another #FashionFriday post, featuring the Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection. Make sure to check out our other posts about this about this collection for more of our favorite illustrations.

Today’s illustration depicts a group of women in different colors and styles of day dresses. The illustration is captioned “Godey’s Fashions for May 1867”.

Colorful fashion illustration on yellowing paper. The paper is torn in the bottom right hand corner. The text reads "Codey's Fashions for May 1867" and depicts a group of five women in luxurious day dresses.
Image from ISU Digital Collections. Materials from RS 21/7/9 Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection.

Experience fashion history at home with the digitized fashion plates via ISU Digital Collections.

#FlashbackFriday – Portraits in the Snow (1969)

While clicking through book two of the 1969 Bomb, I found a few sorority portraits that made good use of the snow. Check out these snowy group portraits from the 1969 Alpha Gamma Delta, and Delta Zeta sororities.

Remember, if you’re interested in reading more about years of Iowa State past, all copies of the Bomb are available digitally!

201 ISU Lectures added online

We are please to report the online availability of 201 additional ISU Lectures digitized as part of the National Recording Preservation Foundation (NRPF) grant. The lectures are available via Aviary, which allows for synching of text with audio, as well as full-text searching of transcripts. Here is a full list of recordings from this batch:

Adams, Bert N., Continuity and Change in the Family Today1984-03-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/th8bg2j209
Altieri, Miguel A., Ecological Foundations for Sustainable Agriculturehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/k93125qw7f
Angelou, Maya, Women’s Lies, Women’s Choiceshttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/w08w951c9z
Angelou, Maya, Women’s Lies, Women’s Choiceshttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/445h98zx1q
Armstrong, Robert, 1941-, An Alternative to the Kissinger Commission Report1984-02-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/tb0xp6vp7n
Aulas, Marie-Christine, Palestianan Human Rights1984-09-26https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/ft8df6kp4x
Baldwin, Edith E., Searching for New Knowledgehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/kw57d2qx5d
Baldwin, Edith E., Searching for New Knowledgehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/z892805q31
Bataille, Gretchen M., 1944-, Literature and Literacy1984-04-26https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0k26970b2k
Bays, Daniel H., The Korean War in Retrospect1983-04-27https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/4x54f1n167
Bechtel, Marilyn, Soviet Peoples Struggle for Peace1984-09-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/s46h12vz1d
Belt, Richard, U.S. foreign Policy Objectives in Central America1984-11-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/tq5r786b6r
Belt, Richard, U.S. foreign Policy Objectives in Central Americahttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/j96057dg6q
Berg, Robert J., Preventing the Next African Famine1987-04-23https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/3n20c4t196
Berg, Robert J., U.S. Attitudes toward the Third World1987-04-23https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/n872v2d15n
Berry, Wendell, 1934-, Modern Thoreau1984-09-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/959c53fk0d
Bonner, Raymond, Revolution and Social Change1987-11-08https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/kp7tm72k4z
Bookin-Weiner, Jerome B., Africa in the 1980’s1983-11-01https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/3r0pr7n41m
Brown, Barbara B., 1946-, Inside the Heart of Darkness1983-02-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/rf5k931t0j
Buchanan, James M., Women’s Week1987-10-06https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/bc3st7fd1x
Burkhalter, Holly, Human Rights in Central America1984-11-16https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/gh9b56dr6r
Burks, Arthur W. (Arthur Walter), 1915-2008, Atanasoff and the ENIAC1983-04-20https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/pn8x92258v
Burtchaell, James Tunstead, How to Squabble Peacefully1983-02-25https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/hm52f7kg34
Bushkin, Arthur A., Uses of Technology1983-11-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/sj19k46g7g
Campbell, J. W. (James Wayne), 1932-, Science and the Federal Government1984-10-04https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/513tt4g32n
Campos, Jes√∫s, The Crisis in El Salvador1984-10-02https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/5h7br8mw4h
Churchland, Paul M., 1942-, On Cracking the Neural Codehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/cz3222rs93
Churchland, Paul M., 1942-, On Cracking the Neural Codehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/n29p26qq45
Clark, Ramsey, 1927-, The Ethical Presidencyhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/8g8ff3mf0n
Clark, Sofía M., Before and After the Revolution1987-10-05https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/m32n58d78g
Coffin, William Sloane, Jr., 1924-2006, Nuclear Ethics and Human Destiny1988-02-03https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/v97zk5671q
Collins, Joseph, 1945-, Why Hunger ?1983-10-23https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0z70v89w8f
Conlin, Roxanne Barton, The Role of the Civil Justice System in a Democratic Societyhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0r9m32nk60
Cotton, Dorothy F., 1930-2018, Martin Luther King’s Dream1983-09-29https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9g5gb1z34g
Cotton, Dorothy F., 1930-2018, Peace with Justice1987-10-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/f76639kq6h
Cotton, Dorothy F., 1930-2018, Peace with Justice1987-10-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/dz02z13765
Craft, Christine, 1944-, Discrimination in Broadcasting1984-02-07https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/t43hx16f20
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Deer, Ada Elizabeth, Making a Difference1987-10-07https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/086348gs56
Dellums, Ronald V., 1935-2018, The Militarization of America1987-10-18https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/348gf0nb86
Doderer, Minnette, 1923-2005, Economic Barriers to Women1984-10-11https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/542j679811
Dorfman, Ariel, The Unborn Make History1987-11-12https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/x921c1v85s
Drache, Hiram M., Agriculture in Transition1984-02-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/nk3610wd6k
Dull, Bruce H., Aids, Herpes and the Phenomena of Epidemics1984-03-21https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/6w96689144
Edwards, Harry, 1942-, The Orwellian World of Modern Sport1984-02-17https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/vd6nz81c10
Ehrenfeld, David, Orwell on Nature ; A Comprehensive Vision1984-02-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9882j68p7k
Ehrenreich, Barbara, The Disappearing Middle Class1987-09-15https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9k45q4s22r
Ehrlich, Howard J., Anarchism1983-02-18https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/3775t3gf0q
Farnham, George, Marijuana in America1983-04-28https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/nz80k2732w
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Fischer, Edward, Refugee Relief as a Step Toward Liberation1984-11-13https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/8911n7z73g
Fischer, Edward, Refugee Relief as a Step Toward Liberationhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/pn8x92260n
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Gibson, P. J., The Black Women Playwright in Today’s Theatre1987-12-04https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/jw86h4d90s
Griswold, Charles L., 1951-, Art in Public Space1984-03-27https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/jw86h4d913
Griswold, Charles L., 1951-, Thomas Jefferson and Slaveryhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/6d5p844721
Guigni, Al, Sanctuary and Alien Rightshttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/cf9j38m134
Hahn, Gerald J., A Week in the Life of an Industrial Statistician1984-04-10https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/5h7br8mw36
Harl, Neil E. | Chrystal, John, Dealing with the Financial Situation Iowa’s Farm Communities1984-11-01https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/qr4nk36t0w
Harl, Neil E. | Chrystal, John, Dealing with the Financial Situation Iowa’s Farm Communitieshttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9s1kh0fd8v
Herman, Edward S., Orwellian Usage as a Tool of Power1984-02-13https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/ft8df6kp3m
Herschede, Alfred John, 1944-, Economic and Social Change in Post- Mao China1984-04-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0000000b87
Hersh, Seymour M., Kissinger and Foreign Policy During the Nixon Administration1983-04-11https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/nc5s75749x
Hersh, Seymour M., Mass Media and Terrorism and Covery Activity1987-10-29https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/bv79s1m28k
Hinds, Lennox S., Grenada1984-01-31https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/zs2k64bk6x
Hirl, Patricia A. | Barkey, Jeanne , Pornography and the Lawhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/gx44q7r92s
Hobbs, Daryl J., Information for What? Questions of Equality in an Information Age1983-04-07https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/8k74t6fk6s
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Houseman, John, 1902-1988, Houseman on Housemanhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/6688g8g11k
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Hyland, Drew A., The Affinity of Sport and Arthttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/ht2g737r3t
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Kaul, Donald, Jack Trice Field Dedication1984-11-03https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/696zw1929h
Kaul, Donald, Jack Trice Field Dedicationhttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/q52f766w1f
Kendall, Frances E., Racism in the 1980’s1987-09-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/154dn4056s
Kendall, Frances E., Racism in the 1980’s1987-09-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/tx3513vm7n
Khal?fah, Sa?ar, Palestine Women and Revolution1987-11-11https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/t14th8c947
Kihl, Young Whan, 1932-, South Korea1987-11-09https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/vd6nz81c0p
King, Yolanda, The Challenge to Ensure the Futurehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0k26970b6t
King, Yolanda, The Challenge to Ensure the Futurehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/kw57d2qx43
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LaFeber, Walter, Reagan and Central Americahttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/zg6g15v25t
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LaForge, John M. | Katt, Barb, Civil Disobediencehttps://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/dr2p55f20g
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Larson, William E., 1921-, Soil Science 1984 Pier Lecture1984-04-17https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/6m3319sk50
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A Brief History on Cultural Centers at ISU

“A Home Away From Home: The George A. Jackson Black Cultural Center” exhibition, curated by University Archivist Greg Bailey, opens this week. In 2020, the Black Cultural Center (BCC) celebrated its 50th anniversary. The exhibition starts in the exhibit case on the first floor of Parks Library, near the Main Desk. Then the rest of the exhibition is on the 4th floor, en route to our reading room (403 Parks Library).

Visit this article for more information on this exhibition and the history of the BCC.

There have been other student centers on campus for underrepresented and underserved communities. Some of them are still going strong today, such as the Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity and the Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success, and others were not sustained.

Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity

The Margaret Sloss Women’s Center was established in 1981 to provide a centralized home for women’s organizations and to promote and sustain women through advocacy, programs, and information and referral services. The work to create a women’s center at ISU began in 1973.

A Proposal for the Creation of a Women’s Center

If you look closely very lightly underneath the typewritten word “Center” is handwritten note that is faded due to photocopying, “Aug ’73.”

From the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center records, RS 3/6/3, Box 1, Folder 7, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

A small group of women from Iowa State University has been meeting on a regular basis for the purpose of developing plans for a coordinated omnibus effort geared to meet the needs of women in our society. Each of us has brought to the group ideas and concepts based on our different areas of expertise, but all motivated by a similar desire to lend our talents toward the development of women's potential. 
We recommend the establishment and support of a Women's Center at Iowa State University (hereinafter referred to as "Options Unlimited: A Center for Women's Development") whose purpose would be to serve the diverse need of the women of Iowa. Initial plans for the development, organization and administration of such a Center are attached herein.
We recognize and appreciate the interest, support, and contributions of the following persons within the Iowa State University community: Julia Anderson, Eugene Clubine, Richard Hasbrook, Edwin Lewis, Warren Madden, C. Arthur Sandeen, Roy Warman, and representatives from several of the women's organizations. 
Submitted by: Marita A. Jones, Chairperson; Ellen Betz, Nancy Cook Cherry -Ac (undecipherable word), Kay Holmberg, Shirley Karas, Barbara Mathias, Phyllis Miller, Donna Nelson -CD, Jean Palmer.
From the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center records, RS 3/6/3, Box 1, Folder 7, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

In January 2019, the Center changed their name to the Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity to better represent the work and mission of the center. Visit the website for more information. Margaret Sloss was the first woman to earn a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at ISU. She was known for both her professional achievements and also her work to include and support other women in her field.

We have very little information currently on the rest of the cultural centers in this post, but we would like to have more. If you have additional materials from your time here at ISU or know more about these organizations, please reach out to us at archives@iastate.edu.

Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success

In 2018, SCUA was invited to collaborate with the Center and host an event for their Out & About: Community through Adventure program. This program took students to interesting spots on or around campus, with the goal of connecting LGBTQIA+ students to one other and also with different university departments. The Center’s staff did the research for what archival materials we would use for the visit and brought a few items from the Center’s own records.

History of the Center

Left: 1992 ISU Daily article “ISU hires advocate for gays” on Tom Owings, 1st Center coordinator.

From Student Organizations – Political and Social Action Organizations records, Subject Files, RS 22/4/0/1, Box 2, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

Right: “LGBT office open to all students” interview with Brad Freihoefer in Mid-Iowa article, 2008.

From Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Services Records, RS 7/3/10, Box 1, Folder 17, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

Latin American Student Union

Cultural Dance Given by LASU
The first annual Cultural Dance sponsored by the Latin American Student Union will be held Saturday, May 1, at the Holiday Inn, Ames. Music for the dance will be provided by "Los Cuatros Reyes," a Spanish-American band from Davenport, Iowa, beginning at 9:00 p.m. Admission for the dance is $1.00 and a cash bar will be available during the event.
The Latin American Student Union (LASU) is one of the newest student organizations at Iowa State. The group provides a focal point for awareness of Spanish-American culture at ISU and serves as an identity group for the Spanish-American students.
Among its projects for next year, LASU is planning its first conference on Spanish-American issues, the Second Annual Christmas Food Collection for Ames area families, and other social activities for the group. LASU is also building a Spanish-American resource library for use by interested students and has speakers available for campus and community groups. 
LASU's office for next year will be located in Room 36 of the Memorial Union. Persons interested in the group's activities this year may contact LASU at Room 35 of the Union 9UNASA office), or call David Cuevas, president, at 294-6173.

This news clipping from the Iowa State Daily May 12, 1976, offers information on the purpose of the LASU and also upcoming events for its first year.

From Student Organizations – Multicultural Organizations records, RS 22/3, Box 2, Folder 14, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

Hispanic American Student Union

HASU hosts 10th annual symposium next week By Karna Johnson Daily Staff Writer The Hispanic American Student Union (HASU) will host its 10th Annual Hispanic Symposium from Feb. 26 to March 2. Melissa Landrau, president of HASU, said the theme of this year’s symposium deals with United States politics and Hispanic America. She said the theme was chosen because of interest in Puerto Rico. “Last year the theme was technology and we brought in engineers and engineering speakers,” Landru said. “But this year I expect a lot more people, especially when we talk about Puerto Rico and whether or not it should become a state.” On Feb. 26 a forum of three speakers from Puerto Rico will discuss this topic in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. Each speaker will present the options Puerto Rico has for the future, Landrau said. Landrau said she hopes students will attend. “I do hope a lot more people will come this year than last year, because of the topics and the interest in what’s happening in Central America.” New Mexico’s Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron will speak on Thursday in room 171 of the Durham Center on the involvement of Hispanic women in United States politics. Landra said Vigil-Giron is a great leader and a great role model for women. The Symposium will end with its traditional dance on Friday. The dance will begin at 7 p.m. and will be held at the University Lutheran Church. There will be a $2 cover charge.
News clipping from the Iowa State Daily, February 23, 1990. From Student Organizations – Multicultural Organizations records, RS 22/3, Box 1, Folder 34, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.
Poster, white background with an sun shape with a coral color and a face in the middle of a sun, and the face is made of other shapes.
From Student Organizations – Multicultural Organizations records, RS 22/3, Box 1, Folder 34, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

Asian American Cultural Center

Iowa State Asian Cultural Center celebrates its grand opening
by Archana Chandrupatla
Daily Staff Writer
The first Asian Cultural Center at Iowa State opened its doors Monday.
The creation of the center rests on the underlying principle of promoting racial diversity -- not creating racial separatism.
Teresa Thomas, former president of Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition, said the AACC will be a place where all ethnicities are welcome to be educated, informed and enriched.
Thomas said the process of creating the AACC has been long and hard.
"We had started this process last January, and we had hoped it would be completed by the first-annual Asian heritage week last spring, but it had been postponed by the administration for a while," Rafael Rodriguez, director for Minority Student Affairs, said.
Veng Lee, current president of APACC, said putting the center together has been a lot of hard work.
"It all started one year ago, and the university was a little slow to respond to the idea, so it was put on the back burner for awhile," Lee said. "But now that we have it, we are glad we do, and we expect to use the place to the fullest, because we put [in] a lot of hard work and effort and through a lot to get it."
Bao Thao, advisor for APAAC and Laos Taidam Student Assocation, said Veng and Grif Kolberg, interim president and vice president for APAAC, did a lot to help move the project along.
A ceremony was held with introductions by Mai Ung, center representative for APAAC, and a welcome speech by Rodriguez. Also, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the opening.
Thao said the turnout for the opening ceremony was "pretty good." 
The turnout was at about 50 people," Thao said. "And given the fact that the location is just two dorm rooms put together, that's pretty good.:
The center is actually a joint venture by APAAC, LTSA and the Vietnamese Student Association. However, APAAC was at the foregront of the process of putting it together. 
"Our go-between was actually APAAC," Lang Tran, president of VSA, said. "If it hadn't been for APAAC, none of this could have happened."
The presidents of the three organizations are optimistic about the center's future and its ability to serve its purposes.
"It is a place to have common ground with other organizations. It is a great place to get everyone together in a central location," Hoang said. 
Tran agreed with Hoang. "It is a great achievement for Asian Americans on campus," Tran said. "I would encourage everyone to attend. It is a place of learning about Asian culture, and we hope students of all races and places will utilize it." 
"I feel very optimistic about the center because it provides a central place where Asian Americans can meet, and it provides a resource where anyone can learn about Asian and Asian American culture and history," Thao said. "I want to stress that the university is working hard toward promoting diversity on this campus, and this is a big step toward achieving that."
Not only will students get to look at the displays of Asian art and artifacts, but there are also fun activities planned as well. 
"The first activity will be the art of an Asian Culture Film Series. The first movie will be Thursday, Oct. 16. at 7 p.m. in the cultural center," Thao said.
The center is open to all students and is located at 1501 Helser Hall. If students would like to use this facility, they should contact Thao at 294-6338.
Iowa State Daily article, October 9, 1997. From Student Organizations – Multicultural Organizations records, RS 22/3, Box 1, Folder 19, Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives.

If you are interested in researching more about these, or other organizations on campus, schedule an appointment with us at archives@iastate.edu.

#FashionFriday – 1813 Fashion Flashback

It’s another #FashionFriday! Let’s revisit the stunning designs of the Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection. This week we are looking back at some of the fashion illustrations from 1813.

We haven’t look at much men’s fashion in these posts so here is a bit of a treat! Below is an illustration of an 1813 Gentleman’s Frock Coat.

1813 Gentleman’s Frock Coat fashion illustration from collection RS 21/7/9.

As always, feel free to check out the digitized fashion plates via ISU Digital Collections to get a taste of history from home.

Make sure to check out our other posts about this about this collection for more beautiful illustrations.

Images from ISU Digital Collections. Materials from RS 21/7/9 Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection.