Happy Inauguration Day!

In honor of the inauguration of President Joe Biden, today we take a quick look back at his visit to campus. In March 2012, then Vice President Biden came to visit Iowa State University, giving a public speech on innovation and domestic job creation according to this Inside Iowa State Article. If you’d like to hear the speech, you can find that on YouTube thanks to the Engineering Department. Below are a few photos taken by the External Affairs department.

If you’d like to see more of these photographs, you can find them using this link. For a full description of the collection and related records, view the finding aid.

Please email archives@iastate.edu with any questions.

#MusicMonday – 1987 VEISHA Battle of the Bands

On May 1st, 1987, several local rock bands gathered outside of the Memorial Union for a battle of the bands as a part of VEISHA. A few hundred Iowa State students gathered to watch the battle take place. In the end “The Tykes” won first place, followed by “Blooming Star” in second place, and “Antidote” in third. The drummer of “The Tykes” is photographed below.

  • Color photograph of a drummer sitting at a drumset while singing into a microphone.
  • Color photograph of a large crowd of students sitting on grass.

Read more about the 1987 VEISHA Celebration by checking out the 1988 Bomb here. The above story is featured on pages 62-63.

#FlashbackFriday – Winter Carnival

It’s that time of the week again – time for a #FlashbackFriday post! This week let’s take a look some undated Winter Carnival photographs. Below we see students participating in games and events in the winter weather.

  • Black and white image of a group of students running in the snow, pulling another group of students behind them.
  • Black and white image of almost a dozen male students playing hockey outdoors, wearing ice skates.
  • Black and white image of a group of female students pulling a rope in a game of tug-o-war, as some students skate in the background.

Images from University Photographs Collection Box 1670.

First batch of ISU lectures digitized by NRPF grant now online

We are pleased to announce that the first batch of 48 recordings from the ISU Lecture Series digitized as part of the National Recording Preservation Foundation (NRPF) grant are now available online via Aviary. This batch, from 1982-83, includes the following:

Berrigan, PhilipProtest and Survive Confronting the Beast1982-01-26https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/g44hm5336s
Tevis, CherylChanging Role of Farm Women1982-02-02https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/tb0xp6vp0g
FitzGerald, Frances, 1940-America’s Spirit, Dream, Myth and Reality1982-02-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/639k35ms0x
Kammen, Michael G.Democracy in American Culture1982-02-15https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9w08w38m1h
Cutler, Lynn | Corey, LeRoy D.Dialogue on the Turn to the Right1982-02-16https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/cv4bn9xn5b
Mander, JerryT.V. and the Control of the American Spirit1982-02-17https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/ww76t0hp99
Ehrenfeld, DavidLooking Forward1982-02-17https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/hm52f7kf73
Boyd, Willard L. (Willard Lee), 1927-Creativity1982-02-18https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/zc7rn3104v
Dodge, Charles, 1942-Computer and the Arts1982-02-18https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/h98z892t2s
Hare, NathanSurvival Strategies For the 80’s1982-02-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/mp4vh5d23v
Jackson, Maynard, 1938-2003The 1980’s Strategies for Survival1982-02-20https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/cr5n873g50
Daniels, M. GordonSaudi Arabia1982-02-22https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/hq3rv0dg0c
Marshak, Robert E. (Robert Eugene), 1916-1992Science and World Affairs1982-03-02https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/416sx64n31
Volt, Roger | Volt, JackiePost War Laos1982-03-04https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/rx93776h4f
Whiteford, Andrew HunterThe Benefits of Diversity1982-03-22https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/z60bv7bn2s
Steele, Richard | Fenn, MarilynViolence or Nonviolence1982-03-23https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/wd3pv6bw9q
Miller, Zane L.The Urban Time Bomb1982-03-24https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/bz6154f70s
Iowa State University. Department of PhilosophyNerve Gas (Cont.)1982-03-25https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0k26970957
Iowa State University. Department of Philosophy | Robinson, William S. (William Spencer), 1940-Ethics of Research on the Effects of Nerve Gas1982-03-25https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/416sx64n4b
Brueggemann, Walter | Zaffarano, DanielImagination and the Limits of Science1982-03-26https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/vm42r3pp4s
Tiemann, Adrian R.Dilemma of an Anxious Age1982-04-05https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/g73707x75p
Bellecourt, Clyde H. (Clyde Howard), 1936-American Indian Movement1982-04-06https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/bg2h708h3s
Lau, Joseph S. M., 1934-House Divided1982-04-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/1z41r6nc7b
Schran, PeterHow to Feed one Billion People1982-04-15https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9g5gb1z23w
Röling, Niels G.Open-Ended Approaches to Small Farmer Development1982-04-21https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/r20rr1q69f
Johanson, Donald C.The Evolutionary Ladder1982-04-22https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/0k2697096j
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998The Need for Radical Political Change1982-04-25https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/4q7qn5zn80
Stuart, William C., 1920-2010Is our Judicial System in Trouble1982-05-04https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/6688g8g019
Neikirk, WilliamOn the Economy1982-06-15https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/v97zk5664c
Molander, Roger C.Nuclear War1982-06-22https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/5q4rj49445
Lesko, MatthewGovernment Program/ Finance Higher Ed.1982-09-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/ng4gm8266q
Bell, Marvin, 1937-Poem Reading1982-09-16https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/m61bk1786d
Terrill, RossChina and the US- Friends or Foes?1982-09-29https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/736m03z97k
Ehrenreich, BarbaraFemale Sexuality, Cultural Myths and Social Restraints1982-10-05https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/cj87h1f643
Pogrebin, Letty CottinNonsexist Sexuality1982-10-07https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/3t9d50gb66
Kocik, LucjanThe Changing Polish Peasant Family1982-10-14https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/w66930pj5g
Miłosz, CzesławPoems1982-10-19https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/2v2c824s9d
Mancy, Khalil HasnyGlobal Water Resources1982-11-15https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/m901z42d70
Heady, Earl O. (Earl Orel), 1916-1986Problems and Potentials in World Food Production1982-11-16https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/rb6vx06n71
Nash, June C., 1927-The Changing International Division of Labor1982-11-16https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/nc5s75741f
Keddie, Nikki R.Mass Movements in the Muslim World1982-11-17https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/222r49gm8t
Guidote, CecileThe Arts as a Force for National Development and Internal Understanding1982-11-18https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/4t6f18sw0r
Eisner, Elliot W.The Arts and the Importance of Thinking for the Curriculum1982-12-02https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/np1wd3qj8c
Poussaint, Alvin F.The Black Experience and the Present Condition of America1983-02-03https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/7w6736mh5d
Mikulski, BarbaraThe New Poor1983-02-13https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/9w08w38m2t
Harrington, Michael, 1928-1989Urban Poverty in the 1980’s1983-02-15https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/gx44q7r79d
Braden, Anne, 1924-2006The Relationship Between Poverty and Racism1983-02-17https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/v97zk5665p
Perkins, John, 1930-Poverty and Religion1983-02-18https://iastate.aviaryplatform.com/r/s756d5q21n

In the coming months, all 991 lectures digitized as part of the grant will be made available online. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Honors Seminar oral histories now online

We are pleased to announce the online availability of twelve oral histories conducted as part of the Honors Seminar 321J: Documenting the Past: An Introduction to Oral History. The seminar, taught by Library staff, explored the theory and practice of oral history, a field of study that documents the past through first-person interviews conducted in the present-day. The oral histories, available via Aviary, feature interviews of Iowa State alumni, faculty, researchers, staff, and/or other individuals affiliated with the university.

NRPF grant awarded to digitize ISU lectures

We are pleased to announce receipt of grant funding from the National Recording Preservation Foundation (NRPF) to digitize 991 audio recordings of ISU lectures. Read the press release here.

The chosen selection spans the 1970s to the 1990s, and were nominated based on their high cultural, historical, and aesthetic value; as well as the endangered nature of magnetic media, the lack of access options for this medium, the high research value and demand for the selection, and the ability to share them publicly, free of restrictions.

The project will create roughly 1,640 hours with corresponding metadata and captions. Funds will be used to outsource the digitization of 259 reel-to-reel audiotapes and 732 audiocassettes to Preserve South. The ISU Library will match requested funds to outsource captioning to Rev.com, as well as create metadata and provide online open access to the digitized audio files. Objects will be accessioned into Islandora, the ISU Library’s digital collections platform, as well as Aviary for full-text searching and syncing of captions. For additional discoverability and accessibility, copies will be added to our YouTube channel. The collection MARC record and finding aid will be updated to include links to the digital content.

The Lecture Series consist of over 3,000 audiovisual recordings in a multitude of formats dating back to 1958. Committed to the philosophy that the function of the university is to provide “a market place of ideas,” the Lecture Series has brought to the ISU campus a broad spectrum of talks: political debates; academic forums; and cultural events, including musical performances, art and dance programs, and films. In addition, since 1966, ISU has hosted annual series devoted to national affairs and world affairs. Notable speakers include: Martin Luther King, Jr., Andy Warhol, Arthur Miller, Maya Angelou, Julian Bond, Cesar Chavez, Angela Davis, Judy Chicago, Sally Ride, Nikki Giovanni, Howard Zinn, Barack Obama, Gloria Steinem, Roxanne Gay, and many others.

While appeal to the student population is a primary focus, the lectures also present topics and issues which may not necessarily be in the mainstream but may broaden students’ awareness. Hence, many of the lectures selected for digitization address topics that our country is grappling with today, namely, race, gender, and sexuality. In selecting the materials, we join calls across the country to center and magnify these voices and movements, and to affirm ISU’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a high priority collection for both research and preservation, staff have already begun the process to migrate legacy at-risk formats in the Lectures Series. From 2018-2019, thanks to support from the Lennox Foundation, the ISU Library migrated 1000+ optical discs. In addition, we have digitized 290 audiocassettes and reel-to reel tapes based on external requests and available funding. After this project, approximately 1,240 recordings remain to be digitized.

As a land grant institution, ISU wholeheartedly supports the mission of sharing knowledge beyond the campus borders. This is even more important in the time of COVID, where the campus footprint has increasingly expanded into digital and virtual environments. Adhering to this mission requires a further commitment to digital accessibility and the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, digital content by people with disabilities. By providing highly accurate captions for lectures, including online delivery that syncs searchable captions and audio, we expand access to this content for all online users in accordance with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines.

The Stone Arch – 70 Years Apart

This edition of #FloralAndFaunaFriday features two photographs of one location just over 70 years apart. Both photographs cite the location as “the stone arch under C & NW Railroad in North Woods”. The first photograph is dated circa 1844, and the second photograph is from 1915. Both of these photographs can be found in University Photographs Collection Box 349 – Streams and Storms.

Image from University Photographs Collection Box 349 – circa 1844 stone arch under railroad in north woods
Image from University Photographs Collection Box 349 – 1915 stone arch under railroad in north woods

#FashionFriday – 1920s Day Dresses

Welcome back to Cardinal Tales for another #FashionFriday. This week’s post features a long-time favorite: the Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection. I was scrolling through the digitized fashion plates via ISU Digital Collections, and the colors of these dresses really caught my eye. Enjoy!

Above are two illustrations of dropwaisted day dresses from May of 1921. Below is an illustration of some vibrant day dresses from August of 1919.

1919 Day Dress Illustration RS 21/7/9 Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection.

Images from ISU Digital Collections. Materials from RS 21/7/9 Mary A. Barton Fashion Illustration Collection.

Make sure to check out our other posts about this about this collection for more beautiful illustrations.

Archives Investigations Student Presentations

This semester I have been teaching an Honors Seminar “Archives Investigations”. The purpose of this course is to demystify primary source research and develop primary source research skills for undergraduate students. I wanted the students to understand the past and recognize historical narratives as constructed; to be able to inform and educate others about the value of archives and cultural heritage institutions as information resources not as vaults stored with hidden treasures. Ultimately, the goal was for students to understand the stories that primary sources reveal about people, society, and events.

This was a hybrid class where we alternated between Zoom meetings and in-person class sessions. My guest lecturers Zoomed in from home or sometimes they were in the classroom and we Zoomed in from home.

  • 4 tables filled with items from SCUA for class from University Archives includes Jack Trice's last letter, Board of Regents first minute book, 2 document boxes from Ames Lab Records, and a red blanket with Gold trim and lettering from the Artifacts Collection.
  • Two document boxes showing on Zoom screen sharing content.
  • Screen showing Zoom presentation with 2 illustrated book covers showing students socially distanced wearing masks in background.
  • Instructor at front of classroom, students spaced out 6 ft. from each other wearing masks working on their laptops and looking at collection materials.
Graphic on red with gold accent and mostly white text: You're Invited! Archives Investigations Honors Seminar Student Presentations. Wednesday, Nov. 11 3:30 pm, Iowa State University Library logo underneath.

This Wednesday, the students will be presenting their final projects via WebEx.

For more information: https://www.lib.iastate.edu/news/hon-321q-archives-investigations-student-presentations

Click here to join the online session this Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Open to the public.

#MediaMonday – Household Hints with Mrs. Anderson

Today’s #MediaMonday post takes another look at one of my favorite collections: MS-0381Food and Household Product Advertising Guides and Publications collection. circa 1880s-1978”.

“It’s All In Knowing How” is an instruction book on the recently discovered uses for Baking Soda, advertising Arm & Hammer and Cow Brand Baking Soda, as shown on the back cover. A short advertisement pamphlet that promises helpful hints for use “in the home, in the garden, and on the farm.” The content seems to be aimed at housewives, even including an advice column from “Mrs. Anderson”.

  • New uses for arm and hammer or cow brand baking soda

Mrs. Anderson is introduced on the second page of the pamphlet, and is described as a “housewife who did her own housework – and enjoyed it.” Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have just moved into a new house in the suburbs that needs a lot of cleaning, so Mrs. Anderson gets right to work.

“Introducing Mrs. Anderson” excerpt from “It’s all in knowing how” baking soda advertisement from Box One of MS-0381.

The “Mrs. Anderson” columns contain advice on topics ranging from entertaining guests on a Sunday night to cleaning a light-bulb. Here are a few of Mrs. Anderson’s Household Hints.

  • Mrs. Anderson Entertains on Sunday Night

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All materials pictured this post can be found in MS-0381 Box 1.