Images of Past ISU and Ames Floods

After some very spectacular thunder, lightning and torrential rain storms throughout the week, record flooding is taking place today here in Ames and other parts of central Iowa.  For those of you curious to see what past floods here in Ames and at ISU looked like, below are some images from our University Photograph collection.

Circa 1910 Flood: Dinkey tracks

1918 Flood (the streetcar which replaced the Dinkey can be seen in the distance)

What wast the Dinkey, you may be wondering?  The Dinkey was a small steam engine that ran between downtown Ames and Iowa State College beginning July 4, 1891.  The Hub once served as one of its stations.

1975 Flood: Iowa State Center from above

1993 Flood: Maple, Willow and Larch Halls viewed from the Iowa State Center