Past St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations! #TBT

In 1922, Iowa State College (University) combined their St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, along with other spring celebrations into VEISHEA. But before then, St. Patrick Day was celebrated on its own. In the 1894 Bomb (pictured below) St. Patrick’s Day was described as:   “Now on the 17th day of this season it did happen that … Read More

CyPix: A House of Books

The library’s contribution to the 1928 VEISHEA was the house made of books that you see above. The sign over the door reads “This is the House That Books Built.” June is Freshman Orientation month at Iowa State and here in the library we are preparing to welcome students and their families by showing them … Read More

CyPix: moving up

It’s that time of year again! The time for donning caps and gowns if you are a senior, or if not, at least setting aside those textbooks and pencils for a nice …bonfire. A beanie bonfire, to be exact. From 1916 to 1934, freshmen at Iowa State College were required to wear “freshmen beanies” or … Read More

CyPix: a Fire, a Ram, and a Tradition

Have you heard the story of the Old Main fires? Instead of the large campus we have now, the university (then the Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm) was housed entirely in a single building, “Old Main.” Old Main stood where Beardshear is now. Old Main proved to be much less sturdy than Beardshear – … Read More

Barjche, you say? The history of the modern dance production at ISU

Tonight Orchesis I, ISU’s modern dance company, presents Barjche, the company’s annual modern dance production. The performance has a long history at ISU. Let’s see what we can find in the archives about it, shall we? The first production First things first. What’s up with the name?!? Barjche (pronounced “bar-shay”), came from combining the initials … Read More

ISU Theatre celebrates 100 years

The following post was written by former student employee Samantha Koontz before she finished up her work with us at the end of last semester. This post accompanies the exhibit she created. Stop by Special Collections to view the exhibit! In 1914 Fredrica Shattuck, head of Public Speaking at Iowa State, founded the Iowa State … Read More

CyPix: Bring Back Bruce Jenner

**Please note: this article preceded Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement of her name change and gender expression.  Posts published after her announcement, will use her correct pronouns and name. It’s April 1, so you may think this is a prank, but nope: the famous (notorious?)  Kardashian stepdad appeared in the VEISHEA parade in 1977.  

CyPix: Spring at ISU

It’s official – spring is here! The weather may not be cooperating, but the season has to win out eventually, right? In the meantime, enjoy this photo taken during Iowa State’s favorite spring tradition – VEISHEA. Here, the swans are taking advantage of an ice-free Lake LaVerne. Two of these swans are (presumably) the original … Read More

CyPix: Spring Fashions

March is here, and so are spring clothing lines! As Apparel, Merchandising, and Design majors get ready for The Fashion Show next month, let’s take a look at an earlier ISU fashion moment. Here are three students in a 1940s Textiles and Clothing classroom working on a dress design. Two students drape and cut fabric … Read More

Skating on Lake LaVerne

The days are getting colder, and if you have walked past Lake LaVerne lately, you may have noticed ice beginning to form on it. Here is an early picture of ISU students playing a game of hockey on Lake LaVerne: The creation of Lake LaVerne was funded by LaVerne Noyes, an 1872 graduate of ISU … Read More