CyPix: VEISHEA Cherry Pies!

It’s finally here: VEISHEA! And soon those treats most synonymous with the celebration will be available – cherry pies. In fact, the cherry pies are a tradition that came about even before VEISHEA in the early 1920s.Started by the Division of Home Economics, the cherry pie sale is now run by the Department of Apparel, … Read More

VEISHEA: A Timeless Tradition Since 1922

Education float from the 1922 Parade (addditional VEISHEA parade images can be found online, along with other VEISHEA images). Next week marks the beginning of VEISHEA, Iowa State’s spring celebration and the largest student-run celebration in the country.  In addition to all of the 2012 events going on throughout the week, VEISHEA will also be … Read More

New Collection: Papers of Iowa State alum involved in Stars Over VEISHEA

VEISHEA is fast approaching – in fact, the fun and excitement of the largest student-run celebration in the country will begin next week on April 11.  The Special Collections Department has VEISHEA records documenting former celebrations, in addition to a variety of other resources.  For more information on VEISHEA records you can find here in … Read More

VEISHEA 2010: Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Tradition

Parades, carnivals, cherry pies, performances, and open houses are examples of many VEISHEA traditions which at one point in time had their first appearance on the Iowa State campus, eventually becoming traditions of today’s celebrations. In honor of this year’s VEISHEA theme, “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Tradition,” below are just a few “visions” which eventually became … Read More

Establishing a Black Cultural Center at ISU

Following the tumultuous summer of 1968 (see the previous blog post on the formation of the Black Student Organization), a number of black students left Iowa State, including several leaders of the Black Student Organization (BSO). Due to this fact, the BSO essentially ceased to exist as a student organization during the fall of 1968. This … Read More

Spring is in the air

This month’s collaborative post highlights items from our Artifact Collection that remind us of spring. I know it’s probably a little premature to start thinking of spring, but tell that to this week’s forecast! Baseball bat (Artifact 2005-R010) Amy Bishop, Rare Books and Manuscripts Archivist Nothing says spring like baseball! That’s why I choose this metal baseball … Read More

Looking Back on the 1960s

This is the first in a series of posts about Iowa State University during the 1960s. Exploring The Chart: Rules and Regulations for Women This past semester I had the pleasure of assisting a history class interested in studying student life during the 1960s here at Iowa State. For this type of research there are many … Read More

Artifacts in the Archives – Our Favorite Artifacts

Today’s post introduces a new blog series here in Special Collections and University Archives— Artifacts in the Archives. These will be a series of posts that include staff picks for different artifacts. This week’s post lists some of our favorites. The Death Mask From Whitney Olthoff, Project Archivist I might get judged for this, but… … Read More

Past St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations! #TBT

In 1922, Iowa State College (University) combined their St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, along with other spring celebrations into VEISHEA. But before then, St. Patrick Day was celebrated on its own. In the 1894 Bomb (pictured below) St. Patrick’s Day was described as:   “Now on the 17th day of this season it did happen that … Read More

CyPix: A House of Books

The library’s contribution to the 1928 VEISHEA was the house made of books that you see above. The sign over the door reads “This is the House That Books Built.” June is Freshman Orientation month at Iowa State and here in the library we are preparing to welcome students and their families by showing them … Read More