SCUA 2.0, or Archives in the Age of Self-Isolation

Hello, ISU!

While we are all in self-isolation these next few weeks, don’t forget about some of the great online resources we have to help you access collections materials from SCUA.

Digital Collections

Nowhere near all of our collections are digitized, but we do have a fair number of high-use collections, and particularly photographs, available for online viewing here.

The Bomb Yearbook

This is part of our digital collections, but I mention it separately because it’s a fantastic resource that lends itself well to a great number of research projects, as well as to some genealogical questions. The entire run of the college yearbooks, from 1893-1994, is included, and much of it is (at least partially) keyword searchable.

Flickr Photos

In addition to the more official digital collections, we also have some photograph collections available on Flickr!

YouTube: AV Collections

Lots of people don’t realize this, but many of our digitized AV materials are available for streaming on our YouTube channel. You can listen to some old University Lectures recordings, watch wrestling demonstrations, browse WOI films, re-live memorable moments from past Cyclone games and VEISHEA, and so much more.

Online Exhibits

For nearly every physical exhibit we host in Special Collections, there is a corresponding online exhibit, which often features additional materials and information. These exhibits can be a great springboard if you are interested in a particular topic but either don’t know much about it or aren’t sure which related collections to explore first.

Digital Repository

A number of historical publications produced by members of the Iowa State community can also be found in our digital repository alongside more recent publications, theses, conference proceedings, and so forth. Examples of this include The Aurora, a very early student newspaper, and rainfall statistics recorded at the college experimental station in the 1890s.

Web Archives

Did you know that we capture old and outdated versions of university-affiliated web pages and social media accounts? Some of these crawls go back as far as 10 years. You can search the public site here.


Finally, you can plan your next in-person visit to the archives by browsing our finding aid database and figuring out which collections you will want to look at when you get here.

You can also reach us at, if you have questions.

Stay safe, everyone. And stay home!

And don’t forget: SCUA made you wash your hands before it was “a thing.”






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