CARDinal Scavenger Hunt

Help us test our new archives catalog, and you could win a prize!

Be the first to find all the items below in CARDinal and you’ll win. More information about the prize will be coming soon!


  1. Go to CARDinal.
  2. Using the photos for each item, try to find the collection, box, and folder the items belong in.
  3. Send your answers here by March 1 at 12 p.m. to be eligible.
  4. The first person to correctly identify all the items wins the grand prize!


1. item1

2. item2b

3. item3a

4. item4

5. item5


Not sure how to get started? Here’s an example:


Review the photo for clues. The handwriting is a little hard to read, but I can pick out:

Henry D. Dement, Secretary of State

State of Illinois

Master Brewers Association

“legally organized corporation”

Let’s start with a quick search for these terms.

scav quick search

Henry D. Dement doesn’t bring up any results:

scav henry

State of Illinois brings up 288 results:

scav illinois

That’s a little more than we want to hunt through. Let’s see if we can narrow it down.

Master Brewers Association brings up one collection and two series:

scav master

MS-0675 Master Brewers Association of the Americas records seems promising! Click “Display Finding Aid” to get some more info.

scav master2

Our last term, “legally organized corporation” usually points to a charter. let’s see if we can find one in this collection. Scroll down to the inventory:

scav master 3

There it is! If you look back at the original picture, you can see the charter was signed in “the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven.” We found it!

The answer for this example would be: MS-0675 Master Brewers Association of the Americas records, Box 1, Folder 1

If you’re having trouble, check out our Quick Reference Guide for CARDinal, which gives some tips on searching. Any questions can be sent to NHPRC Project Archivist Emily DuGranrut at

Good luck and happy hunting!

NHPRC logo

This project has been generously funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC).

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