Stylin’ in ’76 #TBT

Check out the 1976 hairstyles. This was 40 years ago. I’m not sure it’s changed that much.

The 1976 Look in Hair Styles: Anything Grows from pp. 80-81 in the 1976 Bomb. Two pages framed by pictures of students with different hairstyles from the mid 1970s. Men with ungroomed facial hair, women with long straight hair parted in the middle, men with longer ahir, more natural hairstyles, etc. Text on pages: K.S. Brown (author). It was a real challenge to be outstanding in a class of 140 students--especially since your fellow classmates also liked wearing blue jeans, "waffle-stompers," and snorkel jackets. It was easier, though, to be distinguished in regard to hairstyles. From the unkempt to the well groomed, hair played a vital role in the '76 campus look. This year's hairstyles were widely varied and geared to individuality. What was fashionable was simply what you liked the most or looked best in. Every hairstyle was uniquely personal and reflected individual tastes. Non-conformity and creative freedom were the key terms in describing this year's hairstyles. Popular styles made up an assorted collection including the kinky afro, the frosted look, the "bald but beautiful," the cropped and hot-combed, and the "ROTC special." Though the year brought with it the carefree "wash-and-blow-back" layered look, there were still those who preferred to keep their hair long and split-end free. Short bangs reappeared and put an end to years of the bang-less fashions while sideburns, beards, and moustaches were as varied as the hairstyles. The Bicentennial was often blamed for the outbreak of beards, but most guys just found them to be good insulators when walking through campus on sub-zero days. Important hairstyling aids included blow dryers, curling irons, electric curlers, paint-on highlights, and permanents for both men and women. Ribbons, hats, scarfs, barrettes and leather thongs were all marketable ornaments this year. Seldom have there been so many popular options in choosing hairstyles and ISU student hairstyles were typical of the new freedom. No matter what lifestyle you preferred, Iowa Sate University offered an assortment of housing varieties to suit our needs.

The 1976 Look in Hair Styles: Anything Grows from pp. 80-81 in the 1976 Bomb.

The Bomb is the ISU yearbook, in production from 1894-1994. Drop by our reading room and take a look at them. Or check them out online!

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