Past St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations! #TBT

In 1922, Iowa State College (University) combined their St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, along with other spring celebrations into VEISHEA. But before then, St. Patrick Day was celebrated on its own. In the 1894 Bomb (pictured below) St. Patrick’s Day was described as:


1894 Bomb p. 146


“Now on the 17th day of this season it did happen that there fell a certain church day, none other than St. Patrick’s Day. And this day was made green in the sight of man for each did enhance his own greenishness with yet more color, and on the eve of the same day did several and many of the students get themselves to the opera and there did laugh and sing and the sound of tinkling symbols was in the ear. Egad.”


How many people think of St. Patrick’s Day as a “church day” today I wonder? Time (magazine) posted an online article yesterday on the history of St. Patrick’s Day and the March 17 celebration was originally established as a feast day honoring St. Patrick in 1631.

In 1920, St. Patrick’s Day at Iowa State College (University) was celebrated on March 25 and on that day

“…began the greatest celebration in the history of our college, for on that night the engineers threw open their doors to welcome the college, in the great open house which marked the beginning of the St. Patrick’s day celebration which was to create history on the campus of Iowa State College. After an evening of good fellowship and entertainment for the visitors wherein they were shown the manner in which the engineers live and go about their work, guests and hosts retired to their couches to dream of the greater things which were to take place on the morrow.”

You can read more about that celebration in the 1921 Bomb pages below.

1921 Bomb pp. 60-61

1921 Bomb pp. 60-61

Drop by the reading room and peruse the entire run of the Bomb! We’re open Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm. Or browse selected issues online!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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