Cypix: Sweet tradition!

One way Iowa State University coeds celebrated meaningful relationship milestones was to throw a surprise party with a fancy candy box and decorate with candles, flowers, printed napkins and party favors. The size of the candy box grew with the importance of the occasion. If a young woman received a fraternity pin, it was a 2 pound party, engagement announcements entailed a 5 pound party, an upcoming wedding was a 10 pound party, and the announcement of a baby was a 15 pound party.


5 pound Engagement Announcement party, Feb. 14, 1954, Mary Glenn from Delta Zeta and Dwight Youngkin from Kappa Sigma. University Photographs RS 22/11/G box 1696.

Sources also indicate that the five and ten pound parties were at some point tied in with candle passing. At these gatherings a candle would be passed among a circle of coeds and whoever blew out the candle was the one throwing the party. If she handed out a five pound box of candy it meant she had been pinned and a ten pound box meant she was engaged to be married.

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