CyPix: International Students on Holiday

"Foreign students leave on Thanksgiving holiday," 1968. (University Photographs box 1618)

Original caption: “Foreign students leave on Thanksgiving holiday,” 1968. (University Photographs box 1618) Click to see the set of images.

As of September 9th, 2015 Iowa State University (ISU) was home to 4,041 international students from 116 countries (pdf link). International students have been a part of Iowa State for much of its history. The image at left, from the university photographer, is part of a set of photographs documenting international students boarding a bus for a group trip in 1968. Click on the image to see the set in context.

The International Students and Scholars Office still puts together group trips.

For more records documenting the experiences of international students at ISU, see collections in the 22/3 record group. One example is the records of the Cosmopolitan Club, which we’ve blogged about previously.

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