CyPix: Horsing Around

A stallion and a colt, alternately titled "Dignity and Impertinence," "Dignity and Impudence," "Impudence and Dignity," and "Two Friends," 1910. University Photographs, RS 9/11/N, Box 662.

Photo of a stallion and a colt, alternately titled “Dignity and Impertinence,” “Dignity and Impudence,” “Impudence and Dignity,” and “Two Friends,” 1910. University Photographs, RS 9/11/N, Box 662.

The photo above has had a bit of a legacy here at Iowa State. Taken in 1910, a copy of the photo hung in the Farm House library for a time. There has been some debate over the years over whether the Stallion pictured is Jallop (otherwise spelled Jalop or Jalap) or Kuroki, but due to the fact that Jallop didn’t come to Iowa State until 1911, the general consensus seems to be that it is the Clydesdale stallion Kuroki. When the photo was taken, the stallion naturally tilted his head to look at the colt, but the colt’s head had to be turned manually – the reigns were edited out of the photo, although supposedly there are (or were) copies that showed the reigns to some extent. The identity of the colt is unknown, but was possibly owned by the Curtiss family.

You’ll notice in the caption that I’ve highlighted the different titles this photo was given. It tends to vary by publication. The photo in our archive is labeled “Impudence and Dignity,” but in early publications (The Iowa Agriculturist, Vol. 11, No. 8, April 1911) it is labeled “Dignity and Impertinence,” while in a 1973 edition of The Iowa State University Veterinarian, it is titled “Dignity and Impudence.” It’s possible there was a mix-up and whoever wrote the title confused the two “I” words – understandable, since they are synonyms. It is labeled “Two Friends” in another edition of The Iowa Agriculturist, but one of the “Dignity” titles seems to be the original or official. Which one? I’m honestly not certain. If any of you want to come in and try to figure it out, you are more than welcome! Information about the photo – including a short research paper on the subject from 1990 – can be found in the Department of Animal Science Subject Files, RS 9/11/1, Box 1. Stop by sometime!

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