CyPix: An Old-Fashioned Sing-A-Long

Students gathered around a piano, 1944. [add collection/location]

Students gathered around a piano, 1944.

Sometimes we like to share photos purely because we like them. This is one of those photos. I love it, even though I know little about it. All I know is that it is an example of student life at ISU in 1944 – but whether this is part of a class, extra-curricular activity, or just a regular social sing-a-long, I can’t say. Some of the reasons I love it include the era (the 1940s is one of my favorite decades, if not my favorite), the fashions, and the idea of an old-fashioned sing-a-long around a piano. Yes, today we have karaoke machines and video games that serve the same purpose, but it’s not quite the same. For a bit of extra fun, here’s a recording found online of the song next to the one they are playing in the photo (if I only knew what the open sheet music is!). Enjoy!

This photo and many others involving student life can be found on our Flickr page and in our photograph collection. Also, feel free to stop in and take a look at any of our student life-related collections!

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