CyPix: Latino Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15)

Four women performing folklorico in front of a Panama heritage tent.

Folklorico – Iowa State University students at the Iowa Latino Heritage Festival, 2007. (RS 7/5/1)

October 15th marks the end of a month-long celebration of the many contributions Latino Americans have made to American culture and society. Hispanic Heritage Month (the federally designated name) is celebrated at Iowa State as Latino Heritage Month and recognizes the many people who trace their heritage to the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. Founded in 1992, the ISU Latino Heritage Committee organizes campus Heritage Month events every fall. The festivities usually conclude with Noche De Cultura – an event that offers food, music, speakers, and sometimes dancing. This year’s festivities included Marcha de las Banderas, Latino Game Night, and Top Chef Latino. The full array of events for 2014 are available at Iowa State Daily.

This photograph, and others from the same event, can be seen in the records of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (RS 7/5/1).

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