CyPix: Veterinary Ambulance

This week’s featured photo comes from the early days of the School of Veterinary Medicine (now College of Veterinary Medicine) of Iowa State College (University). This veterinary ambulance was likely used to transport injured horse and cattle to the veterinary lab for treatment.

Black and white photograph show a hore-drawn wagon that is labeled "Veterinary Ambulance" standing in front of a building with snow on the ground.

Iowa State College Veterinary Medicine ambulance, circa 1912.

Iowa State University has been a leader in the field of veterinary medicine from the beginning. In 1879, what was then Iowa Agricultural College opened the first state-funded veterinary school in the country, offering a two-year program. Eight years later, it was expanded to a three-year program, and in 1903 became a four-year program, once again becoming the first in the country to offer such a program.

Want to find out more? Special Collections has several collections from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Also check out other Vet Med photos on our Flickr site.

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