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Later this week, I will be bringing you stories related to Iowa State alumnus Dwight Ink, whose collection has recently been made more accessible. Ink, who was raised in Madison County, Iowa, worked in a variety of federal government positions under seven consecutive presidential administrations, from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Ronald Reagan.

Dwight Ink

Dwight Ink, getting some work done on the road, circa 1958-1965 (Box 2, Folder 13)

In addition to his formal positions within federal agencies such as the Atomic Energy Commission, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the General Services Administration, Ink also held short-term roles on other pan-governmental bodies. Notably, he spent six months in 1964 as the executive director of the Federal Reconstruction and Development Planning Commission for Alaska. This group, also known as the Alaskan Reconstruction Committee, was formed by President Lyndon Johnson in the wake of a 9.2 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter between Anchorage and Valdez. This earthquake, known as the Good Friday Earthquake since it fell on the Christian commemoration of Good Friday that year, remains the second-largest earthquake ever recorded.

Come on back Friday, where we’ll be discussing the Dwight Ink Papers, RS 21/7/241, in further detail.

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