CyPix: Welcome Back!

Students are back on campus this week to start the new spring term. And we know what that means!

Back to hanging out in dorms…

Photograph of five female students sitting by the fireplace in the American Room of Welch Hall at Iowa State University.

American Room in Welch Hall girl’s dormitory, 1949.

eating in cafeterias…

Photograph of men waiting in line in Friley Hall's cafeteria at Iowa State University.

Friley Hall Cafeteria, 1952

catching up with friends at the Hub…

This photograph shows several students standing outside the entrance to the hub talking.

Students standing outside the Hub, 1966.

And, oh yeah, going to class.

This photograph shows students sitting at a table and the teacher at the chalkboard.

Students in class, circa 1960s.

Wishing everyone a fun and productive spring semester!

For more historical photos of student life at Iowa State, check out the Student Life and Department of Residence photo sets on our Flickr page.

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