For American Archives Month: What is the Special Collections Department and University Archives?

A portion of the University Photograph Collection in the University Archives can be seen above.

The fall semester has definitely arrived and is now in full swing, with students and researchers coming in to the Special Collections Department daily to work on research papers or locate that hard-to-find fact related to Iowa State University and its over one hundred and fifty years of history.  In addition to being a busy month for students with midterm exams and projects nearing their deadlines, October is American Archives Month.  Archives Month gives archivists across the country an opportunity to promote awareness of archives, what they do, and the collections they hold.

Wondering who we are, what we do, and what you might be able to find in our collections?  We have created a number of blog posts in past years about our department.  Please take a look at a few or all of these in order to learn more about the Special Collections and University Archives:

For American Archives Month:  An Online Tour of Special Collections!

American Archives Month:  Fun Tools For Discovering What Archives Are About!

Navigating Your Research Using Special Collections and University Archives Resources

Anyone is welcome to visit the Special Collections Department.  Please feel free to stop by at any time Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  In addition to our collection of rare books and historical records, we also have a new display in our Reading Room:  “Make Our Spirits Great:  100 Years of Homecoming History.”  If you are not able to visit our reading room, we also have an online exhibit available.

First Homecoming game in 1912 against the University of Iowa.

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