It’s Follow An Archive Day: Follow us and share that you’re doing so on Twitter!

Today, November 12, is #followanarchive day on Twitter!  Yes, that’s right – we are on Twitter!  Follow us!

Following us, or any an archive on Twitter, is a wonderful way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, happenings and archival collections both here or around the world.  Are you already following us on Twitter, or just started today?  This is your chance to tell others about us and any other archives out there you are following!

Here are some ideas, from the #followanarchive blog, on what your twitter post about ISU Archives, or any archives, can contain:

Tell a friend about us.
Tell a friend about a discovery you made here.
Tell a friend how archives inspire you.

The name of the Twitter action is: Follow an archive! The hashtag (#) for the Twitter action is: #followanarchive.

This was put together by archivists in Europe and it’s an international event!  For a list of other archives to follow, go to the #followanarchive blog’s list of twittering archives around the world.

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