Posted by: isuspecialcollections | February 17, 2010

Wayne O. and Gayle Carns Burchett Papers

For my first post, I would like to describe a new collection I was recently able to process.  One of the main collecting areas of our department are collections related to agriculture and rural life, and this collection is related to both.  The Wayne O. and Gayle Carns Burchett Papers contain records related to the Burchett and Carns families going back to the middle of the 19th century.  Wayne Burchett’s grandparents purchased land outside of Grand River, Iowa in 1890.  The ranch was designated as a century farm in 1990.

Although it is a relatively small collection (1.93 linear feet), it is amazing how so many details of a family’s history can be told within those several dozen folders.  The collection includes diaries of various family members, documents of the farm’s cattle and general operations, account books, clippings describing the electrification of the rural area, genealogical and marriage records, and the 4H record books of one of Wayne and Gayle’s daughters.  A unique document in the collection, although the most recently created (by one of Wayne and Gayle’s daughters), is a description of the item’s contents which contains the author’s memories related to those documents.  This item, at least for me, brings the collection and the family’s history even more alive.

For more information on this collection, please take a look at the collection’s finding aid/description of the collection.  If you are interested in finding out what other agriculture and rural life related collections are held in the department, please check out our subject guides and manuscript collections subject listings.


  1. […] There’s a lot more that could be learned from looking at the state 4-H meeting programs, but I’ll stop here. Come and visit us if you would like to learn more.  Please note, however, that for now, the collection where most of the programs reside (RS 16/3/4) is in the process of being put together for public use (what archivists call processing), but if you ask we can bring the boxes out for you to look at. Most of the finding aids for processed 4-H collections can be found online: Scroll down past the Extension collections for the 4-H records, which include historian books and other records for Story County 4-H, record books, photographs, and scrapbooks. 4-H records can also be found in the records of organizations and individuals involved in 4-H, such as the Burchett Papers which were described in earlier posts. […]

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